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What is Star Phone®?

Star Phone® is a simple to use dial-up Mobile application that integrates all available connection channel of a Business onto a single page interface (Business Profile).

It provides customer with an interface which connects to the business’s staff and services via variable and multiple channels of voice, text and data (i.e. voice calls, messaging, website, email, social media, location, navigation, on-line apps, etc.), all using one single user-friendly interface page – the Business Profile.

The Star Phone® may contain thousands of Business Profiles which makes it preferable and so popular to use amongst smartphone users (reduces the number for Business App’s to be downloaded, stored and managed in smartphone).

How does it work?

The Star Phone® offers each business a unique personalized Business Profile (Visual IVR- drag down menus). It provides a customized layout tat matches and corresponds with business’s branding, required connection flow and functionality.

Once dialing a One Smart Star Number® on smartphones, the Star Phone® displays the relevant Business Profile page. The user interface, enables customers to undertake unlimited tasks such as voice call and text correspondence via various messaging platform or perform any on-line inquire, transactions and activities via links to available traditional on-line channels.

The Star Phone® performs via on-line links to the business’s existing services and data channels providing additional access channel for services and information.

Frequently asked questions

Visual IVR is something that a number of companies are already using, but the future is in the Visual IVRs which provide an easier and faster access to your company information and support right from your mobile app. Your branded app will be another connection point with your customers that will help you build your brand loyalty.

Our Visual IVR – StarPhone will give you the possibility for improving your customer experience by providing all the necessary information about your solutions and also guiding them to the right person to talk to, if necessary. Our system will help to prevent customer churn, increase the number of on-life purchases, reduce the budgetary requirement for customer acquisition and will increase your brand loyalty.

It is a 4-digit number, easy-to-remember, that the user can dial to connect to the company for more information or support. It is a great way for companies to keep their customers connected to their brand and increase their customers’ satisfaction rate and brand loyalty.

Visual IVR call is a call from your customer that is connected to your Visual IVR system, instead of support agent.

With One Smart Star, it is easy to connect to company’s support team. There is one 4-digit and easy-to-memorize number or a nickname to keep in mind. Dial the code while you are still in the app and a call will be routed to a support agent that is most capable of solving your issues or answering your questions.

Call Centers receive an enormous amount of calls every day. Visual IVR call center solutions collect information from customers via simple interactions on the mobile phone and handle simple transactions.

Call center can be used to answer simple customer inquiries, complete standard transactions and connect callers with the correct call center agent.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) transactions are transactions carried out over the telephone/web or mobile interface, where a Credit Card number is to be entered on an automated system for the purpose of making a payment to a vendor for purchase of goods, services etc.

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