Digital IVR

Digital Call Center

What is Digital IVR?

The Digital Call Center of the OSSN service provides you with unique functionalities to direct the calls coming from clients, who dialed the national star number (XXXX) to the right person to answer the call. There are many option such as but not limited to

  1. directing the call to different people at different times based on pre-selected schedule like working/ non working hours or days of the week;
  2. forwarding the call to another number/ person if the first number/ person is busy or not answering in 15 seconds, for example;
  3. recording the call for analysis and control of service quality; etc.

All the data is stored safely and is easily accessible via internet and a client log in account and password.

How does it work?

When the client dials the star number (XXXX) a voice interactive system is answering the call. The welcome message could be any, based on the requirements of the respective star number owner. Then the client is automatically directed to choose from a range of choices, based on the services or product portfolio offered. The client could choose any option or wait for the operator to answer the call. The number of choices and how the calls are answered are to be decided by the star number owner. The system is flexible and easily adjustable to different business needs relevant to each specific business.

The star number owner has individualized access to the Digital IVR/ Call center platform to monitor and analyze the data such as but not limited to

  1. how the calls are handled;
  2. how big the voice traffic is;
  3. how long each call is; etc.

All the data from the Digital IVR/ Call center platform is easily downloadable for archiving.

Frequently asked questions

The Digital IVR is tailored to the client needs and requests. It is very adaptable to different set ups of even most diverse businesses.

There is no limit to the number of telephone lines that a Digital IVR connects. It works with existing lines as well as new lines could be added at any moment.

The Digital IVR menu as adaptable to the requirements of each individual business. The voice messages reflect the nature of the business as well as serve it’s specifics. They could be changed over time. The voice messages could be informative as well of any promotion or news that need to be communicated.

The Digital IVR stores the incoming calls recordings for 90 days. Those could be downloaded and stored.

There are huge number of data that the Digital IVR provides to help the business analyze the clients’ service, call patterns, answered, missed and forwarded calls, etc.

Every business has access to the Digital IVR platform to monitor and review the calls.

The Digital IVR is stored safely in the cloud. It is accessible via individual client log in password.

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