One Smart Star Number®

Easy to remember. Simple to use

What is One Smart Star Number®?

One Smart Star Number® (OSSN® is a unique short number combine of “Star” and 4 digits or letters (i.e.2256 / BANK). The numbers is easy to memorize and simple to use which allows leading businesses to achieve superior customer’s interaction, especially in Call-to-Action promotions activities.

The OSSN® offers for leading business important advantages in activity domains such as sales, marketing and customer-care and supports operations. At the same time, customers benefit from a simple and faster accessibility while saving on call costs and time.

We let you create a unique Smart Star Number related to your business, strengthening your corporate identity and customer recall

How does it work?

By relating a star number to the name of your business or type of service offered, it strengthens the corporate identity. For example, call TAXI (8294) for Taxi services, BANK (2265) for financial services or FOOD (3663) for restaurants etc.

An OSSN® call functions, performs and appears identically as a regular number call to both callers and receiver. It may be either dialed by using the name (text – corresponding digits in dialer keypad) or simply dial the number digits.

In Bulgaria (EU) a call made using OSSN is not charged by Yettel and Vivacom (part of the free minutes bundle) and charged as normal on-net fee by A1. The service is provided and supported by all mobile operators and 99% of landline networks.

Frequently asked questions

  • The OSSN™ service is aimed at business customers or government entities that have an extensive and frequent dialog with their customers.
  • Businesses that advertise their products/services through various media channels and would like to encourage consumers to call them more frequently.
  • Examples of businesses: Banks; Investment houses; Insurance companies; Healthcare – medical centers and clinics; Hotels; Airlines; Travel agencies; Car rentals; Car leasing; Car dealers; Taxi companies; Bus services; Railway; Department stores; Retail chains; Deliveries; Restaurants; Ticket reservation; Service providers; Media – Newspapers, Magazines, Cable & Satellite TV; Construction companies.
  • Government: Social security; Employment service; Road maintenance; Licensing Office; Municipalities.
  • Advertising campaigns and time limited services (sale of apartments or houses in a project).

OSSN can be sold to anyone. (Not limited to businesses, government, municipalities.)

  • Yes the OSS™ service is covered by a Patent (pending) all over the world by PCT and also by the EPO.
  • The Patents are owned by OSS™ Company and are licensed to the national OSS™

Absolutely, your business can choose the One Smart Star Number that meets your needs.

Vivacom and Yettel clients use their free minutes bundle for OSSN calls. A1 clients are charged on-net prices based on their tariff.

No, nothing from your existing telephone system and arrangement needs to be altered when your business decides to use the One Smart Star Number service.

Each implementation depends on the client requirements and those are taken into account.

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Why One Smart Star Number®?

More calls

More calls means more opportunities for new leads and revenues


Customers can dial and contact you faster without searching your contact details

Easy to remember

OSSN®  has 100% recall among adult vs 40% recall rate in regular numbers

More conversions

has higher conversion rate from potential customers

Be different

Have your own personalized phone number

One Smart Star Number®

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