One Smart Star®


What is One Smart Star® ?

One Number. One Identity

One Smart Star® provides an interesting, smart and efficient C2B connection solutions:

  • One Smart Star Number® (OSSN®)
  • Digital IVR (Digital Call center)
  • Visual IVR (Star Phone® Mobile App & E:SHOP).

Solutions platforms incorporate new connection dimensions of Voice and Data between Customers and Business.

It enhances consumer’s response level to Call-to-Action Promotions, Consumer-care interconnections and support efficiency. Subsequently, resulting with higher customer satisfaction, exploiting sales opportunities following campaigns and positive impact on business results.

We make it easier than ever for your customers to reach you.

One Smart Star Number® (OSSN®)

One smart star number® is the most efficient connection between customer and business by using a unique 4-digits  or letters. A new, convenient, memorable form with brand identity (i.e. 2256/BANK) It provides leading businesses a significant advantages in Call-to-Action promotions activities, sales, marketing and customer supports operations which has significant impact on business results.

Digital IVR

Digital Call Center

The Digital Call Center of the OSSN service provides you with unique functionalities to direct the calls coming from clients, who dialed the national star number (XXXX) to the right person to answer the call. There are many option such as but not limited to

  1. directing the call to different people at different times based on pre-selected schedule like working/ non working hours or days of the week;
  2. forwarding the call to another number/ person if the first number/ person is busy or not answering in 15 seconds, for example;
  3. recording the call for analysis and control of service quality; etc.

All the data is stored safely and is easily accessible via internet and a client log in account and password.

Visual IVR

Star Phone® Mobile App & E:SHOP

Star Phone® Mobile App is a simple to use dial-up application that integrates all available connection channels of the business onto a single interface i.e Star Phone® Business Profile for simple and easy connection access.

Using the Star Phone®, customer may get access to all required voice, text and data connection channels of your business via one single page – the Business Profile.

The Business Profile is an one page interface that enables customers to perform or undertake any type of connection (i.e voice phone, website, email, social media, SMS, location navigation, on-line Apps and many others) or activities that are available provided via scattered platforms.

For E:SHOP functionalities please contact Smart Phone Bulgaria Ltd. for demo and detailed presentation.

One Smart Star® Service Implementation

Short, Seamless and Painless Implementation process

The services implementation require no investment or new IT development either by your company or the telecom service providers.

One Smart Star provides a Turn Key solutions for a complete service implementation.

One Smart Star Number®

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