Official Statement of Compliance with GDPR
The General Data Protection Regulation

On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enters into force, which applies to any entity that performs data processing activities of residents in the European Union, regardless of the location of the entity, in order to protect their data.

We, SMART NUMBER TELECOM SRL, have always paid special attention to the rights of our clients and partners, as well as their protection.

Data protection has always been a top priority, we are constantly investing in infrastructure and security. We work closely with an expert on personal data protection and Internet laws to ensure that all activities are in full compliance with these legal requirements. The data we collect and process are still safe with us.

As before, all the data you enter on our platform have been, are and will always remain your data and your company, SC SMART NUMBER TELECOM SRL acting only as empowered entity.

How did we get ready for GDPR?

– We have analyzed all of our personal data processing structures, identified and remedied all situations that did not meet the new conditions imposed by the regulation;

– We have conducted an external audit of processes, how we communicate with our clients and partners to ensure that all data we process is not exposed to risks and is kept and processed safely and with respect for their confidentiality;

– We have ensured that all service providers that have access to personal data have, in turn, implemented all that is necessary to comply with the new GDPR rules;

– We have created internal procedures so that our clients’ rights are fully respected.

At SC SMART NUMBER TELECOM SRL we are continuously preparing to ensure data security at the highest level and, at the same time, we can prove it at any time.

As a result, we have audited all of our IT systems that store personal data, and we are continually improving Security conditions.

We are also prepared to detect security breaches at any time, if necessary, to promptly inform you.

All service providers associated with the SC SMART NUMBER SRL (One Smart Star, StarPhonemobi, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, YouTube, etc.) platforms are all in compliance with GDPR rigor.