Global Reach

With over a decade of experience, One Smart Star® operates in over 60 countries.
Every day, millions of satisfied customers connect to businesses using One Smart Star® Numbers.
OSSN® services require no investment or IT development by your company or telecomm operator. We do everything necessary for full service implementation.

Voice Contact

Place calls to one
Easy to Remember, Simple to Use number

Mobile Apps

Enables Enterprises to
implement applications
based on our
One Smart Star
format. Working on
Android, IOS and Windows.

E-mail Contact

Using a One Smart Star Number
creates more than a simple email address
– it gives you a branded identity for your company

Visual IVR

  • One Smart Star® includes a unique customized Visual IVR with your own company’s branding.
  • Dialing your One Smart Star® Number on their smartphones, customers arrive directly to your company’s on screen app.
  • Here you can present a limitless level of menus for branches, services, navigation, maps and social media etc.

Try Visual IVR by typing one of the Star Numbers above:

  • Finance
    Bank 2265 Austria
    2000 Romania
    ICAN Australia
    HSBC Thailand
    0200 Slovakia
    1100 Slovakia
  • Food
    9220 Romania
    2468 Hong Kong
    PIZA Vietnam
    5133 Peru
  • Transportation
    AUTO Slovakia
    7000 Philippines
  • Other
    8000 Philippines
    7777 UK
    6688 Hong Kong
    7467 Argos
    6666 Bulgaria

How it works?

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